UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE – On The Evidence of The First Photos is an investigation about the first photos, their history and their aesthetic content. The works, with a totally new layout, will be showed in the main photography event “Photography never dies” promoted by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in the European Capital of Culture WROCLAW 2016

The exhibition will show in Wroclaw a video intervention, a collection of rares books, some new re-discovered First Photos and unpublished correspondences between Francesca Seravalle and some authors and inventors of the First Photos. 

PHOTOGRAPHY NEVER DIES is a collective exhibition dedicated to photography and its history, a metaphorical illustrated story about the photographic medium. Next to the works of recognized artists and curators, such as Erik Kessels, Catherine Balet, Francesca Seravalle and Volker Hinz we can discover unknown images from private collections. Despite the death of photography as we know it, the idea of preserving reality in still images has survived and is flourishing more strongly than ever. Technology may change, but photography is not dead yet.

A test shot of a photographic device focuses generally on something that the inventor has an intimate relationship with. It demonstrates a documentation of everyday life: the subjects consist of wives, children and the interior or views from their house or studio, if it even wasn’t themselves or their hand. They have an authentic relationship with their time, as our photos in a family album do – without any “glamour” filter.pnd1-1inside_wroclaw


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