Alex & Me by James Pfaff. Danilo Montanari Editore. Curator & Designer


Ever been changed by someone? 

In the summer of 1998 I met Alex. 

Soon afterwards we travelled together through North America. For me it was a seminal journey. I did not see it right away but both my world and my photographic vision had been changed. 

Almost 2 decades later I decide to revisit our journey and produce a photo book from the surviving photographs and my fading memories. A book about transformation and a gift for Alex.” 

James Pfaff

It’s a tribute to an important broken love, an authentic on the road trip in US made 17 years ago, never supposed to become a book. The book making process would act as an unexpected catalyst for artistic change, giving to James Pfaff the possibility to rebuild and to reapproprate his archive, fractured memories and ephemera painting every pages. The book is a scanned reproduction of the original handmade keeping the authentically beauty of unaltered components, scratched negatives, dusty original prints as the wabi sari aesthetic of the beauty of a broken cup of tea: reflecting the realities of the transience and the imperfections of the life. Every book has hand painted cover.  

Francesca Seravalle 



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