Pixel and Square, exhibition and talk at Brighton Art Festival 2016


In front of the abundance and the abuse of the photography production, in front of the self celebration in the media, in front of the photographic objectification of the reality, I have not invented anything, nothing more than an idea, the smallest and simplest possible. I reduced the resolution of a portrait of myself into a pixel, and I get the black_pixel_1x1.jpg, the nullity of forms, the zero of form of photography, the new photography – the non-objective creation. It’s the first step of the re-appropriation of the pixel lexical language, the basic alphabet that is in front of our everyday eyes. Even this idea is not new, one hundred year after the Malevitch’s Black Square we probably need a black square in photography. The black pixel is not craft made as the Malevitch’s square, it’s more zero. It’s an image with the less information and resolution possible, the smallest photo ever, the image that censures the subject to be pure form, pure colour and pure information.


Disturbing IKB Pixel

Talk and exhibition at Brighton Art Fair May 2016

Rothko between two Pixels


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