Urban Intervention: Planar – Bari – Until Proven Otherwise – On the Evidence of the First Photos

Commissioned by the cultural association Planar – Until Proven Otherwise become an exhibition in the street of Bari, an Urban Intervention. The works were showed in Planar’s space and in different public spaces nearby. With a street intervention, shooter from a gentrificated place of Bari will host a special selection of First Photos, in poster-size, to question people about the origins of Photography and to wave historical photos into the urban pattern of Bari.Planar_Seravalle

Anna Atkins_Francesca Seravalle

The First Photo Book from “Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions” by Anna Atkins, 1843. Confirmed.

The First Self Portrait, Robert Cornelius 1839

The First Self Portrait, Robert Cornelius 1839

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